Howto fight with clogged nose

When clogged nose or rhinitis commonly say you should think about natural ways of coping.

Something for hay

Low temperatures and changing weather contribute to colds, and as a result of upper respiratory tract infections. Stuffy nose and flushed, headaches and poor well-being is well known to all of us as the symptoms. Apparently untreated hay stay a week, and treated 7 days. But it is worth to try to get rid of […]

What about echinacea?

Basic active substances contained in this Echinacei nonstarch. Nonstarch stimulate activity macrophages cells-white blood corpuscles and which destroy bacteria and viruses and already infected by not body cells. To help increase the nonstarch evolution lymphocytes T, so that goes to prevent infections symptoms or weaken already ongoing disease. Echinacea purpurea is intriguing plant American prairie. […]

Homemade ways to catarrh

Several known ways of how to get rid of catarrh: Garlic is the best remedy for the common cold Used by grandmothers with honey, garlic and lemon syrups are a great means for viruses. Combined together, strongly strengthens the immune system. To 1 cup of water (boiled, cool) add 6 tablespoons of honey (or more), […]

Fall Flu disease

Influenza is an acute, viral, very contagious respiratory illness with a high fever, muscle pain, headache and throat. Most often occurs in the form of an epidemic in the autumn and winter. Influenza viruses cause 3 types: A, B, and C. The majority of cases of influenza is responsible influenza A virus, which causes a […]

first aid at home against the cold

Flu and cold season clearly manifests itself in the autumn and winter. Remember that prevention can prevent infections. Before you choose a doctor, you might want to try home methods of dealing with the common cold. What to do at that time not to get the disease and properly take care of yourself? It’s simple. […]

Flu? Do not make these mistakes!

On how you react to the first signs of flu will depend on its course. Check out what mistakes we make most fighting this disease. The first sin is a mixture of different formulations antipyretic and anti-inflammatory (ibuprofen or paracetamol) and complex flu drugs. More is not always better! Combinations of different drugs does not […]

The eight rules of how to avoid the fall/winter colds and coughs

Here are some rules to help you avoid colds. Adherence to them increases the chances of health in the autumn-winter period. 1. Protect your head and hands to get cold, and legs to get wet. Warm dry socks, hats and gloves, outfitting base on each frosty day. Lowest temperature is always on the ground so […]